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Metropolitan Bank (China) Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Metrobank (China)") is the first WOFE (Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise) in Jiangsu Province, which is established on April 22, 2010, headquarted in Nanjing.

As the first WOFE in Jiangsu Province, Metrobank (China) is committed to provide comprehensive financial services to customers. Taking the Yangtze River Delta Region with long history, developed economy, and strong cultural heritage as the standing point for its development in China, Metrobank (China) will center on Nanjing and expand to Yangtze River Delta Region and major cities in China.

"Hand in hand, creating a bright future for the SMEs" is the everlasting commitment from Metrobank (China) to SMEs in China. Metrobank will develop and grow together with SMEs through innovative products and excellent services.

Comprehensive and thoughtful deposit program, considerate and prepared financing portfolio, and fast and flexible trading settlements, Metrobank (China) meticulously designs financial product portfolio for SMEs, helping customers to devise strategies with ease and develop with steadiness.

Metrobank (China) aims to be the bank at customers' side. Picking up a phone, Metrobank (China) RM will become the loyal partner around a SME.

Based on the strategic objective of "focus on serving SMEs", Metrobank (China) adheres to sound operation and developing branches network progressively. At present, Metrobank (China) has six branches, which are Nanjing Branch, Shanghai Branch, Shanghai Pudong Sub-branch, Changzhou Branch, Changzhou Xinbei Sub-branch and Quanzhou Branch.

After the foundation of incorporated bank Head Office, Shanghai Pudong Sub-branch was opened in 2010, the first foreign bank in Changzhou City, Changzhou Branch of Metrobank (China) Ltd, was set up, and the first foreign bank in Quanzhou, Quanzhou Branch of Metrobank (China) Ltd, was established in 2012, bringing the history of no foreign bank entering Fujian Province in ten years to an end. In 2014, Changzhou Xinbei Sub-branch was established, which enhanced the network layout of Metrobank (China) Ltd in Changzhou.

Since the establishment of Metrobank (China), with the sound operation style and excellent customer service, Metrobank (China) has won awards given by many media, including "The most professional bank in SMEs financing service" and "The famous brand in SMEs financing service" of "SMEs financing service list" by Nanjing Daily in 2010, "The best foreign bank in SMEs services" of "Nanjing Financial Billboard" by Modern Express in 2011, and "The best foreign bank" of "The 2nd large public survey on satisfaction about civilized service by banking institutions in Jiangsu" by Xinhua Daily in 2011, the award of 2012 foreign banks of the first choice of Jiangsu merchants, and special award of "Top 10 Successful ASEAN Enterprises Entering China" of 2013 .

The investor of Metrobank (China) Ltd, the Metrobank Group, is the one of the largest banking consortiums in Southeast Asia. Founded in 1962, with its headquarters located in Metrobank Plaza, Makati City, the financial center of Manila, Metrobank is a commercial bank primarily with other interests in savings banks, investment banks, finance companies, securities, credit card, remittance, insurance, leasing, among others.

As a modern international financial institution, Metrobank Group has over 800 branches, offices or affiliated companies across the globe, with 17000 employees providing high quality financing services for customers in 21 countries.

With a branch network around the world, Metrobank could provide customers with highly efficient financial channels, easy and flexible international trading platforms.

In October 2015, Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company, based on its capital and performance, was ranked as the 9th Strongest Bank in Asia and as one of the Strongest Banks in the Philippines.

The goals of the Metrobank Group are not only the economic benefits from the bank's operations, but also its corporate social responsibility. While the Metrobank Group has continuously focused on the bank’s operations, promoting its corporate culture, and enhancing its competitiveness, it has also continuously devoted itself to various social and public service activities, support Chinese charities.

Since 1994, the Metrobank Foundation, together with China's Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the American Hope Foundation, has made repeated donations to Chinese universities, primary schools in impoverished areas, flooded and disaster-stricken areas, and to the Shanghai Children's Medical Center.

Apart from this, the Metrobank Foundation has given full scholarships to 10 graduate students from Beijing, Shanghai, and Fujian Province to take their MBAs in the Asian Institute of Management in Manila.

Early in June 2009 when Metrobank (China) was being established, the Metrobank Founder and Group Chairman, Dr. George S. K. Ty, donated RMB 1 million to the China Charity Foundation through the Nanjing Government. Informed of the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Yushu, Qinghai Province, the Metrobank (China) immediately donated RMB 1 million to support the post-disaster reconstruction. When Changzhou Branch established in 2011, Metrobank (China) also donated RMB 200 thousand to support the development of local charity causes.