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  Complaint Process
Metrobank(China) Complaint Process
Dear customers:
    In order for us to acknowledge your suggestions or complaints, and be able to resolve the problem in time, here is the complaint process, processing time and the other things that needs to be noticed.
1. Complaint Process
2. Processing Time
    a. For general complaints, for example, complaints for our unsatisfactory service facility and environment, we will explain to you immediately; for the mistakes, service and internal management of our staff, we will explain and apologize immediately, then investigate and resolve the problem within five business days.
    b. For major complaints, for example, complaints for our financial products, service channel and the violation operation, the investigation will be done in seven to ten business days; In the event of complicated and special situation, the processing time might be extend, but no more than sixty business days, we will inform you the reason of the delay via recording phone calls, text messages, emails or letters.
3. Notices
    a. Please be acquainted with the related law, regulation and regulatory rules of the service and products before your complaints, as well as the agreements and provisions of the related written documents. To avoid unnecessary misunderstanding, please be patient to listen to the explanation of our staff.
    b. Please keep a sense of rationality when safeguard your right, protecting your right with rational reasons, avoid additional loss due to excessive behaviors or illegal behaviors, avoid the interference of bank operations or other customers.
    c. The complaints shall be made by yourself or the authorized representative, the real name or client name and the contact number need to be provided; complaint details (including when and where it happened, related branches and the entire process) and complaint reason need to be provided; please provide specific requests and requirements.