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Metropolitan Bank (China) Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Metrobank (China)") is the first WOFE (Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise) in Jiangsu Province, which is established on April 22, 2010, headquartered in Nanjing. According to the strategic positioning of "focus on services for Small and Medium-sized enterprises ", Metrobank (China) is adhering to the concept of excellent service, providing SMEs in China with comprehensive and thoughtful deposit program, considerate and prepared financing portfolio, and fast and flexible trading settlements and helping customers to devise strategies with ease and develop with steadiness.
Metrobank offers various kinds of deposits, including RMB deposits and deposits for major foreign currencies like USD, HKD, EUR, JPY, AUD, GBP, and PHP. Our multiple deposit terms and flexible interest rates will allow you to manage your funds conveniently and efficiently.
In order to achieve safe and fast customer payments and settlements, Metrobank relies on a global network and a centralized mode of operations to improve the efficiency for customers to a maximum extent and a variety of payment methods to ensure the optimization and high efficiency of fund management of customers.
With thorough analysis of customer needs and financing bottlenecks and constraints, Metropolitan Bank designs tailored financing products for customers to meet their demands for funds and increase the efficiency of funds use, helping customer business grow and prosper.
With an international network all around the world and professional expertise and rich experience cumulated since half century before, Metropolitan Bank meticulously prepares integrated solutions combining trade service and financing service for customers, including letter of credit, collection, bank letter of guarantee, and many other products.
        “Smart Privilege Deposit” Series Interest Rate-linked Structured Deposit
        “Zhuoyue Zhicheng”Financial Products