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With an international network all around the world and professional expertise and rich experience cumulated since half century before, Metropolitan Bank meticulously prepares integrated solutions combining trade service and financing service for customers, including letter of credit, collection, bank letter of guarantee, and many other products.
  Packing Loan
It refers to that our Bank, taking original copy of L/C issued by a overseas bank to a customer who is the beneficiary of the L/C as the pledge, grants a dedicated loan to the customer before submitting drafts and documents for procurement, production, and shipment of goods and raw materials under the L/C. The repayment source of such loan is mainly the foreign exchange earnings from export due to the goods under the L/C.
  Applicable to targets
Enterprise legal persons who are approved by relevant regulators for carrying out import and export trade and has opened basic account or settlement account in our Bank.
Meet the funding needs generated in export preparation by exporters, such as acquisition payment, production organization, and goods shipment.
  Financing Limit
It should not exceed 80% of Contract amount or L/C amount in principle.