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 Corporate Banking-FAQ
Corporate batch transfer
1¡¢Mass transfer file is Excel file whose suffix is "xls"¡£
2¡¢Transfer type of the first column£ºI is Banking Internal Transfer£¬D is Tnter-bank Transfer,The others are invalid,They can't be empty.£¨You can choose the drop-down or input words£©
3¡¢Account number of paying company of the second column £ºEnterprise customers'account number,It can't be empty.
4¡¢Account number of receiving company of the third column£ºReceiving company's account number,It can't be empty.
5¡¢Receiving company name of the fourth column£ºReceiving company name£¬Please fill it accurately, complete, can't be empty.
6¡¢Receiving company's opening bank of the fifth column£ºReceiving company's opening bank£¬It can't be empty,when transfer type is banking internal transfer,please fill out "Metrobank". When transfer type is inter-bank transfer,please fill out actual name of other banks.
7¡¢Receiving company's network name of the sixth column£ºOpening bank network name of Receiving company's account,It can't be empty.
8¡¢Receiving company code of the seventh column£ºWhen transfer type is inter-bank transfer,it can't be empty. When transfer type is banking internal transfer,it can be empty.
9¡¢The payment amount of the eighth column£ºEffective format is 5000.00 or 5000, It can't be empty.
10¡¢The payment purpose of the ninth£ºWhen you fill out the payment purpose ,it can't be empty.£¨You can choose the drop-down or input words£©