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  Hot Products List
Metrobank “Noble Privilege Deposit” is a series of deposit products that allow depositing and withdrawing money at any time and calculate the interests according to the actual deposit term.
“Smart Privilege Deposit” interest rate-linked structured deposit (for enterprise customer) is a RMB principal-guaranteed and floating-income product with 100% guarantee of the invested principal.
Smart Deposit Business of Metropolitan Bank (China) Ltd is a special deposit business released according to development characteristics of SMEs. With this business, quick and flexible management of funds of an company could be ensured, and a best proceeds-making method for laid-up funds could also be provided.
Loan application procedures are simplified to meet customer's temporary funds transfer demand; laid-up funds are reduced to increase use efficiency of customer's funds; loan interest is calculated flexibly to help customer reduce financial cost.
“Zhuoyue Zhicheng” financial products (for enterprise customer) are floating-income products without principal guaranteed. The products will be invested mainly into interbank lending interbank placement, due to banks, ECD, bonds.