Security Center
Personal Internet Banking Security Center
Standard Edition of Log-in Security Protection:
    1. When you Log-in, you need to enter your account number and internet banking log-in password, the internet banking log-in password is set by yourself, requiring at least eight characters and supports letters, numbers, special characters, or the combination.
    2. Users of the Standard Edition can process inquiries, customer service and other services, but cannot process funds and account related transactions.
    1. Customers can set their own internet banking log-in password. Log-in password is an important measure to ensure the safety of the internet banking customers, please manage and keep the password safe.
    2. For your security protection, when your internet banking log-in password has exceeded the input error frequency for the day and is locked, you will not be allowed to reset your password on the same day, and will automatically unlock on the following day. After automatically unlocked, if you have forgotten your password, please go to the log-in page and click on the "Forgot Password."
Professional Edition Log-in Security:
   1. To ensure the safety of customer transactions, the bank will provide clients a security tool ¨C USBkey, to be used for the Professional Edition. The USBkey¡¯s implanted digital certificate is the professional edition user's identity and confirmation tool when using internet banking with real, safe, confidential and tamper-resistant features.
    2. Professional internet banking users use the USBkey¡¯s implanted digital certificates and USBKey password in order to process a transaction. Both USBKey digital certificates and USBkey password both should be present and are indispensable. When doing a transaction, a digital signature will be generated to ensure the transaction information¡¯s integrity and uniqueness.
     1. Before the certificates expire, the USBKey management tool will give a reminder about the expiry, please immediately proceed to the counter after receiving the reminder to replace the USBkey before the certificate expires.
     2. Please remember your USBKey password, after entering consecutively the wrong password more than the maximum limit, USBKey will be locked and become invalid, the customer must bring the valid identification documents to apply for USBkey replacement at the bank¡¯s counter.
For your convenience and safety in using Metrobank (China) internet banking, please take note of the following special reminders from the bank:
1¡¢ Do not use internet banking in public places.
    Please do not use the computers provided in public such as in the internet cafe, hotel, bath, gym, auto 4S shops or others¡¯ phone to access the internet banking.
2¡¢ Ensure that your computer is secure and protected against viruses and Trojan threats.
    Make sure that your computer is secure, do not install unknown software or programs, regularly scan for virus, patch and upgrade your system against viruses and Trojans that threaten the security of internet banking. Download and install from the "Metrobank provided to clients¡¯ security controls" to prevent your account and password from theft.
    Install a firewall. The personal firewall software prevents hackers from accessing your computer. Especially if you are using a broadband Internet access, we recommend that you install a personal firewall. When installing such software, follow the manufacturer's recommendations, use the more conservative access control method.
    Install anti-virus software. Antivirus software can detect and remove viruses found in your computer and email. You can choose to download from the antivirus software company's Web site or to buy genuine antivirus software on retail. To ensure the effectiveness of anti-virus software, it must be updated regularly. In order to reduce the probability of infection of your computer, do not open attachments from unknown sources, even if you know the e-mail sender.
    Timely download and install the latest operating system and browser security programs or patches to ensure your computer has the latest protection.
3¡¢Ensure that your private personal information is not leaked
   Safe keep your user name, password, personal bank account, national ID Card number, telephone number and other personal private information. Do not disclose them to any person or institutions other than Metrobank.
4¡¢Protect your Password¡¯s Security
    When registering either thru the bank¡¯s branches or the bank¡¯s personal internet banking website, one must personally enter the password, and be careful to prevent others from peeping.
    When registering for the reserved password, please do not use regularly used passwords, and avoid using the same user name and password for your other internet services (such as e-mail, game account, microblogging), do not let your personal password and other divulged information (such as birthdays, phone numbers, home addresses, etc.) to be linked together.
    After registering the personal internet banking from the branch, please log-in and change the initial password.
    Please set a different password for your internet banking log-in password and transaction password, multiple authentications can guarantee the safety of your funds.
    Please change your password regularly.
    Do not easily believe when the internet banking user name (log-in name) and password are to be extracted, such as through e-mail, letters and phone calls to ask for username and password behavior, be cautious not to share the confidential information. Under no circumstance will the bank ask for your password.
    Always check the welcome page¡¯s last log-in time and reserved words to see whether they are consistent, and allows you to detect for anomalies.
5¡¢Take good care of internet banking information and security verification tools
    Do not lend your internet banking user name, password, transaction password, USBKey to others.
6¡¢Enter the website through the correct URL
    og-in to the correct URL, be sure to use internet banking through a secure browser and in the address bar enter the correct URL. As much as possible, each time you log-in directly enter the URL, do not indirectly access from a non-metrobank website, and beware of fake websites.
    Metrobank Website:
    Nationwide Hotline Number: 400 -864-9000